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In Yekaterinburg opens Jewish film festival

On Monday in Ekaterinburg starts the Jewish film festival, which will present the twenty-screenings and informative educational program. Screenings and special events of the festival will be held in the Boris Yeltsin Centre and CARO 10 rainbow Park. Announced the first the Ekaterinburg Jewish film festival includes more than fifteen works, including art, animation, documentaries and short films. All films-participants of the festival combined the idea of a story about Jewish culture in its various branches: the lives of the people in the Diaspora and Israel, family values, history of Jews of the twentieth century, the identification, religion, music and literature.

In Yekaterinburg opens Jewish film festival

The First of the Yekaterinburg Jewish film festival screening of the film “a Tale of love and darkness” is the debut directorial and production work Natalie Portman, who also performed in the film one of the main roles. This biopic about the childhood years of famous Israeli novelist and journalist Amos oz, one of the first (in 1967) called to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict through the creation in Palestine of two States. World premiere of the film took place in the framework of the Cannes film festival in 2015.

“A tale of love and darkness”. Trailer
The films included in the program EECP are a selection of the best projects of the programs of the 1st and 2nd Moscow Jewish film festival, the logical continuation of that is the film festival in the Urals. Among the most striking impressions EECF we can distinguish the following movies: the winner of the award “Oscar” for best foreign language film “Son of Saul” (dir. Laszlo Nemes), a member of the Berlinale “somewhere” (dir. Esther Amrani), the sensational project of one of the best Russian journalists Leonid Parfenov, “Russian Jews”, a study on the connection of Judaism and reggae “Awake, o Zion” (dir. Monica Haim), “Birobidzhan” (dir. Guy-Marc Hinant), Lekhaim (dir. Jean-Jacques Zilbermann), “Felix and Meira” (dir. Maxime Giroux), the “Jewish cardinal” (dir. Ilan Duran Cohen), “Kaddish” (dir. Artem Vitkin).

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“Son Of Saul”. Trailer in Russian
Meetings with filmmakers and special guests observed a few of the pictures from the festival program. So, the Director Konstantin FAM will present two parts of a trilogy about the Holocaust “Witnesses” – short film “Shoes”, nominated for “Oscar” in 2014, and first shown at the 38th Moscow international film festival, included in the long list of “Oscar” this year, “Brutus” with Oksana Vander and Philip Jankowski in the lead roles. The film “On the threshold of fear” about a difficult ethical dilemma in relation to the offender and murderer in modern Israel present Director Maria Kravchenko. After the screening of the documentary “Note” with the audience talk to the Director Oleg Dorman, researcher of Jewish thought and culture, URI Gershovich will discuss the film “the Dybbuk: the Story of a wandering soul” (dir. Krzysztof Kopchinskaya), and the journalist Boruch Gorin will present the film “Phoenix” (dir. Christian Petzold). The festival team with support from the Yeltsin Center also organizes around films of the festival extensive educational program: lectures, discussions and round tables. This part of the review, the Ural will give the viewer the opportunity to explore Jewish culture, to develop and deepen her understanding.

Trailer of the short film “Brutus”
The closing film of the 1st of the Yekaterinburg Jewish film festival will be “IDA” by Pawel Pawlikowski is a Polish film in February 2015, received the “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”. This is the second, along with the movie “Son of Saul”, a picture – winner of the “Oscar” in the program of the 1st ECF.

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Rusina Lekuh, program Director of ECF, talks about the choice of films for review: “a Tale of love and darkness” was a huge success in the Jewish film festival in Moscow, but watch the film beyond the possibility is still not there. It’s very sad, because the story of Amos oz is iconic, and for directing Portman look, at least, curious. So we decided to correct this injustice in Yekaterinburg. “Go,” Paul Pawlikowska, we selected the closing film is gentle, subtle, ambiguous work about growing up and finding answers to those questions, once you answer that over the life difficult. Festival, we initiate the study of culture, beyond the program, and we would very much like to see the way our audience continued. It was important for me to put at the end of the festival some semantic comma”.
The international trailer of the film “IDA” with English subtitles
ECF organized with the support of the administration of Ekaterinburg Fund “the Genesis”, the Russian Jewish Congress, the Jewish Federation of new York, FJC, the Jewish student organization Hillel, Yeltsin Center, cinema chains KARO and the ARK Pictures. Schedule and tickets purchase available on the official website of the festival.

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