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In World of Warships appeared submarines

В World of Warships появились подводные лодкиOperation “Terror from the deep” will run until November 21.

The company Wargaming has announced that multiplayer naval action became available the third of the operations devoted to Halloween. “Horror of the deep” provides players a new class of ships – submarines.

Operation “Terror from the deep” will run until November 21. In three weeks, gamers will be able to try to fight the five models of submarines with unique layouts and commanders:

– Barracuda by commander Victor F. Einstein;
– “Scarce” with the commander Mina Hurray;
– Gerfalcon with commander Ivan by K. Olibanum;
– Seelöwe commander Lazarus Centurio;
– Killer Whale with commander Klaus V. Teslau.

First of all users waiting in the port of Barracuda. Unlock the rest of the submarine by completing special conditions in the “Horror of the deep” and hellouinsky operations of past years (“the Salvation of Transylvania” and “Beam in darkness”), open this year. The submarine will be available only during the event. They will face familiar to gamers evil: invading from the other, dark world, battleship “Rasputin”.

According to the developers, adding submarines is an important step in the development of World of Warships, because the third dimension, depth, greatly changes the gameplay. Visibility and attack capabilities depend on if the sub is on the surface, at periscope or at great depths. You also need to monitor the oxygen supply and to avoid the depth charges and torpedoes of destroyers and cruisers.

After completing the Halloween event, the team will analyze the user feedback and make a decision about adding submarines to the game as a fifth-class ships on a regular basis.

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