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In World of Tanks there was a Chinese tank destroyers and fighting 30 30

В World of Tanks появились китайские ПТ-САУ и бои 30 на 30In the “General battle” of the team of 30 participants battle on the new map “Nebelberg” area twice as much as standard.

Wargaming has released World of Tanks update 9.20, where there are a number of novelties: mode “pitched battle”, the branch of Chinese tank destroyers and improve the performance for some machines.

“General battle” offers large-scale battles, 30 for 30. Such a scale requires wide spaces, so the game added the latest map “Nebelberg”. It has an area of two square kilometers, which is twice more than standard. In the “General battle” are only allowed on the machines level 10. For the victory in the new mode, and even give the bonds an additional currency which can be purchased pre-combat instruction and advanced equipment for your tank.

Wargaming said that shortly after the launch of version 9.20 will start the second beta season of ranking battles. The essence remains the same: earn chevrons and pursue higher lines of the rating. However, the second season will be harder to get next rank, but because the fight will be even tougher.

Finally, the update adds 9.20 branch of the nine Chinese tank destroyers. According to Wargaming, their main advantage — combat versatility with a large view range and good camouflage. In addition, the rise characteristics of many Japanese, American, French and Soviet technology. Especially developers allocate domestic cars: tanks of the Soviet Union significantly strengthened as a heavy tank level 10 is-7 again becomes a formidable strike force.

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