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In World of Tanks a new nation

В World of Tanks появилась новая нацияThe main charm of the Swedish armored vehicles is very low profile.

On the eve of the festival WG Fest, scheduled for December 17, Wargaming gave to fans of World of Tanks is another small holiday — release 9.17, which added to the game in a new nation, and some changes in the gameplay.

First of all, starting from today, users of the military multiplayer will have at its disposal just two branches of the Swedish machines. The first consists exclusively of PT-ACS, while the second will appreciate the light, medium and heavy tanks, including the tank 10 level “Kranuan” (a cross between AMX 50B and T57).

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How to tell the developers, the main charm of the Swedish armored vehicles is very low profile. It often happens that such tank is the lowest in the class that allows him to take an unexpected and very advantageous position. Not to mention a great negative angle of the vertical aiming and serious firepower.

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Note that starting from 8th level, PT-ACS UDES 03 and Strv 103 will give players World of Tanks has two brand-new combat mode — field (suitable for quick change or taking a position) and siege (turns your car to the firing point). However, in the latter mode, SPG is able to move only at the minimum speed, but fully reveals the power and accuracy of your guns.

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