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In work Facebook new app

В Facebook заработало новое приложение In the popular social network Facebook has started to work the app Messenger Lite.

The program contains only the basic functions, also the application consumes minimal resources and is very fast.

Program Messenger Lite is designed to ensure the economical consumption of resources and minimize the amount of data transfer. The app has the basic functions: text messages, transfer pictures, stickers and links. Recall that the starting version Messenger Lite appeared about 6 months ago and was only available in six countries. At the moment the application became official in 132 countries, that is virtually around the world.

Soon the social network Facebook Messenger can be listening to music via the Apple Music service. Using the app users can listen to your favorite songs and share them with friends, without leaving the chat. When, exactly, the innovation will be available for users. Will the app be free, is also still unknown.

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Songs from the Apple Music app can be integrated into the news feed.

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