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In Windows 10 there has been a global failure

В Windows 10 произошел глобальный сбойNovember 8, 2018, have been centralized malfunction in the activation system Windows 10.

First, users began to report that their system lost activation when you download, when, displays a message about the expiration of the key. Also, in some cases, Windows 10 Pro became Windows 10 Home.

It is reported that the problem is most of those who updated to Windows 10 using the old keys from Windows 7 and 8.1. The problem is on the activation server. Due to a failure, the cause of which is unclear, the operating system believes that the user just installed a wrong version and offers to install Windows 10 Home.

On the official technical support forum reported that the problem with activation is, in Japan, Korea and so on. According to recent reports, the situation is observed and in other regions. Tech support said that you need to wait a few days until the developers will not release an update to solve the problem. To call for technical support is not necessary, it will not change anything in current situation

“I am very sorry to announce the availability of temporary problems with the Microsoft activation servers, where some users may display incorrect information about the lack of Windows activation. Our engineers are already closely involved in the bug fix and should solve the problem in the next couple of working days,” lead in the form of support to an unnamed engineer of the company.

The company does not disclose details of the error. Most likely, this will happen after the release of the patch. Also not reported the exact number of victims, but it растет

“Microsoft is aware of what is happening and working on a fix, as reported by the Windows tech support. If you have off Windows activation, Microsoft recommends to be patient and wait a few hours (or days), and then check back whether the activation. For the stability of the computer during this time but not to worry, because Microsoft allows you to use the system without activating for a very long period of time”, – stated in the division support company.

The funny thing is that the activation failure complained even users of pirated versions of Windows 10. And preactivate does not help. According to the most recent official statement of the company, they know what the problem is. At the moment the bug is fixed, to restore the licenses should go to settings system Update and security – Activation – Problems – Solution of problems with activation.

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