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In Vinnytsia on the Playground scattered thousands of rubber ducks. Video

В Виннице на детской площадке разбросали тысячи резиновых уточек. ВидеоPart of the scattered toys were in packages.

In Vinnytsia unknown night throwing rubber toys at the Playground on the Avenue of Cosmonauts. “Datawiki” did everything carefully and “figured”.

Toys were only in the area of the Playground on benches, walkways and swings.

The first pictures of this “performance” appeared in the social network this morning. Interestingly, the toys began to gather not children, and grandma and the homeless. Part of the scattered toys were in the package, the part has already been used by the kids.

Scattered on the Playground toys as the users of Facebook, now is not interesting to children. They were popular in the early 2000s, when kids it was hard to tear away from the TV and the cartoons of Scrooge McDuck was considered a favorite pastime.

There are several versions of who is the author of such a venture. Either someone in the warehouse unsold goods from humanitarian assistance and he decided to leave the kids where they play, or young people organized a flash mob. In the Situational centre of the Municipal police told me that due to technical reasons in the place of the camera in the night were not working, and the fact of throwing toys, they are not recorded.

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