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In Vilnius, people are encouraged to move to Russia

В Вильнюсе людей призывают переселяться в Россию  Last week, Vilnius was surprised to find in the mailboxes of the brochure with the words “Russia” and the Russian flag.

Vilnius residents receive in their mailboxes leaflets with the invitation to move to Russia, where it is stated that the standard of living in the Kaliningrad region above, than in Lithuania.

“The strange thing is that in paper brochures were provided links to websites, contact information of the Russian Embassy, and table in which – is a comparison of some of the prices”, – stated in the message. For example, kWh of electricity in Lithuania is – 0.12 Euro, in Russia – € 0.04.

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Compares and gasoline prices: In Lithuania, a liter costs about a Euro, and in Russia – 0,5 Euro. In addition, given that Kaliningrad will have to pay less for utilities – € 70 in the coldest month, and in Lithuania 280 euros. It is also argued that the prices of commodities in Lithuania is two times higher, and despite the fact that the average salary of a statistical resident of Lithuania higher – about 500 euros, and in Russia – 430 Euro, in Lithuania the purchasing power of below.

On another page compares the statistics are already not Lithuania and Kaliningrad region, Lithuania and Russia, only for different years.

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Economists such insights bring a smile. For example, a senior economist at Swedbank nerius mačiulis called these sample statistics, which is also inaccurate. “It’s called “how to lie with statistics,” compare prices selective. The Russian Embassy acknowledged that it distributes brochures, and it is part of the state program on rendering assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad, approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2006.

The officer said that the program is successfully implemented, however, according to statistics, in Lithuania the programme failed.

В Вильнюсе людей призывают переселяться в Россию
В Вильнюсе людей призывают переселяться в Россию

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