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In Venezuela riots took place because of devalued banknotes

В Венесуэле произошли беспорядки из-за обесцененной банкнотыPeople require not to withdraw from circulation the banknote of 100 bolivars.

In several parts of Venezuela on Friday, 16 December, began with mass protests and riots with the participation of the people outraged by the shortage of cash due to unexpected decision of the socialist government to withdraw from circulation the largest banknote in the middle of the deepest economic crisis.

Looted dozens of stores. According to one of the deputies from the opposition, in the mining town of El Callao in the riots killed three people. The government, however, has not confirmed this information. The attack has also undergone the two banks.

Throughout Venezuela, the demonstrators, waving the now depreciated notes of denomination is 100 bolivars, blocked roads, they demanded from the shops to take cash and cursed President Nicolas Maduro. In Caracas, thousands of people lined up in front of the Central Bank to be able to convert inferred from circulation of banknotes by the deadline of 20 December.

Despite the warnings of economists

At the end of last week, Maduro gave the Venezuelans three days to exchange banknotes 100 bolivars. Economists have convinced him not to, warning of the dangers of a social explosion, but the President said that this measure is necessary to combat the mafia on the border with Colombia.

The new banknotes were to appear on 15 December, but they are still there. As a result, many Venezuelans do not have the ability to buy the most necessary things, including food, to fill up their cars to drive to work and buy gifts for Christmas.

Nicolas Maduro condemned the outbreak of violence across the country and urged citizens to be understanding. He said that the new banknote will appear “soon”, and encouraged Venezuelans to make calculations possible electronically. However, 40 percent of Venezuelans even have Bank accounts.

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