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In USA snowman “revenge” hooligans who tried to destroy it

В США снеговик "отомстил" хулиганам, пытавшимся его разрушить Inside the snowman was a huge stump.

In the us city of Petersburg (Kentucky) recently turned up an unusual hooligans who at night rode on a car and crushed cobbled together of snowmen. Of course, much crime there is, however, many citizens were very saddened that someone deliberately destroys the creations of their hands. And although the attackers remain unknown, they have not escaped punishment.

It is noteworthy that the bullies suffered “at the hands of” someone wanted to bulldoze. The young couple had erected in his yard a 3-foot snowman who was very proud of. Vandals attacked the sculpture and immediately got back: inside the snowman was a huge stump. Crashing into him, the attackers severely damaged the car and hurried to disappear from “the scene”.

Cody Lutz and his bride Laura, winter created a statue in honor of the biggest snowfall they’ve ever seen in Petersburg, say that they used the stump without any secret washed. Just part of the felled tree turned out to be an excellent basis for the sculpture. However, the future spouses are very pleased to have been roughed up by unknown thugs who then left their strange Hobbies.

By the way, this is not the only such incident in recent times. At the end of December last year something similar happened in the canadian city of Fredericton (new Brunswick). His 47-year-old resident was in the hospital with a severe arm fracture. It turned out that the man trying with all his might hit a neighbor cobbled together a snowman, and the one inside was a small metal pole. It turns out that not every snowman is so defenseless.

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