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In USA made s-400 this ad, which was difficult to dream

В США сделали ЗРС С-400 такую рекламу, о которой трудно было и мечтать

Watching becomes a long queue of Russian air defense systems s-400, the question arises, from whom they so persistently, despite the threat of sanctions from the United States, try to protect yourself in the future?

I think the answer is obvious to everyone…

Russia interferes with the normal existence of the United States. Such a conclusion can be made acquainted with the statement in Washington at a briefing of the assistant Secretary of state for political-military Affairs Clark Cooper.

Complaining Russian intrigues, Cooper immediately made s-400 this ad, which was difficult to dream of:

“A long way has been covered since then as the AK-47 has become a universal symbol of the Soviet Union supported rebel movements from Southeast Asia to Africa. Today, Russia is working hard to impose various versions of their anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 around the world.”

The contract with India for the supply of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 will be completed in 2025, the advance has already been translated, told reporters the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov at the Dubai Airshow.

“The advance payment has taken place. I don’t want to specify what number exactly, but the advance payment is”, – said Chemezov.

“For production we have already begun the work being done, everything will be in accordance with the schedule. 2025 is the completion of the execution of the contract”, – said the head of Rostec.

November 15, the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reported, citing sources, that the first set of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400 will go to the Indian side after 16-18 months.

“Earlier in respect of the delivery schedule there was some concern; that the delivery of all five regimental kits of s-400 will be delayed until 2025. But taking into account the payments already made, the first system is expected to arrive in 16-18 months,” the newspaper quoted the source.

Sources also said that the first installment of $850 million – 15% of the total value – was made in September through the special payment mechanism established with the aim to avoid potential U.S. sanctions under U.S. law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions” (CAATSA). However, the details of the topic, the sources refused to report.

At a press conference last Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the contract to supply Russian s-400 to India is being implemented according to plan, in new Delhi did not ask to speed up the process.

In early October, 2018, on the sidelines of the Russian-Indian summit talks, a contract was signed to supply India’s air defense systems s-400 “Triumph”. India will receive five regimental kits of s-400, the transaction amount exceeds $5 billion.

Russia and Saudi Arabia are discussing conditions for entry into force of the contract to supply anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph” signed in the year 2017, told RIA Novosti official representative of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Maria Vorobyeva.

She also noted that interest in the Russian s-400 even several countries in the Middle East.

The US is built in Saudi Arabia such a defense system that does not control most missile-threat directions. The US is equipped with this system their systems. And these complexes were sold to the Saudis so much that it is strange to hear about the lack of tiered layered defenses.

The airspace of Saudi Arabia control 17 radar long-range detection, the AN/FPS-117(V)3, which forms a network together with a large number of tactical radar. It would seem that the fly will not fly. However, neither the drones nor cruise missiles means of warning of a missile attack was detected. All the attacking tools freely able to achieve the goals.

The United States passed Saudi Arabia 96 launchers SAM Patriot PAC2 and PAC3. Moreover, complexes of the most recent modification PAC3 twice more than PAC2. And trained local staff for their operation.

Patriot SAM hedged other complexes, forming three-tier defense system. The second level are medium-range SAM — up to 40 km. these include 128 launchers SAM I-Hawk. They, of course, appeared long ago — in the 70-ies, but as a result of a number of upgrades they have managed to convince quite a modern condition. Of course, in the understanding of the United States.

In the third level of defence includes 400 short range SAM Avenger M1097. It all terrain vehicle with two magazines of missiles “stinger” anti-aircraft machine gun 12.7 mm. All this is controlled using the radar. Against drones Stingers powerless, since it is equipped with thermal homing heads. But with subsonic cruise missiles, not the sophisticated, to cope quite capable.

And all this machine, for which “partner America” has paid a huge price during the attack on the terminal was idle. When 10, 20, 30 complexes, this can be attributed to a tragic accident. But when you do not work more than six launchers serviced by hundreds of radars, it’s a sentence.

Anti-aircraft missile system s-400 will be put on combat duty in the Turkish army until the spring of 2020 until the end of 2019 will end the training by Turkish experts, told reporters at the exhibition in Dubai the Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev.

“The contract for s-400 to Turkey is running in native mode. Until the end of the year will complete the training of Turkish specialists. The spring system is already on duty. We have everything goes according to plan,” – said Shugaev.

China became the first foreign buyer of s-400. The contract for the supply of two regiments of anti-aircraft systems was signed in 2015. In the spring of 2018 China received the first set, and in the autumn experienced it.

Two missiles “Triumph”, destroyed two targets: aerodynamic and ballistic – at maximum range. The Chinese military was satisfied with the operation of the system, in command of the people’s liberation army of China s-400 called “the best anti-aircraft system in the world.”

The calculations for the second regiment of the “Triumphs” have been trained in Russian educational center.

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