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In Upper Egypt, archeologists discovered a sensational find

В Верхнем Египте археологами обнаружена сенсационная находкаSpanish archaeologists found in Upper Egypt the base of a large temple of red granite belonging to the Pharaoh of Sinusita II.

The temple was found during excavations around the sanctuary of the ancient Egyptian God Herishef in ancient Herakleopolis, which is located in the Egyptian province of Beni Suef South of Cairo.

As noted Afifi, this finding is of great importance to Egyptology, because the granite base cladding experts have recognized two of the cartouche of the Pharaoh of Sinusita II, belonging to the eleventh dynasty the Transition of the Kingdom. A cartouche is an oval contour, which indicates that the listed name belongs to the Egyptian ruler.

The sinusita II known that it was under his rule was built one of the first pyramids – Lahun. This finding attests to the interest of the ruler to Herisau, patron of fertility, water, hunting and fishing, and the oasis of Fayoum, where was erected the sanctuary of this deity.

Maria Carmen Perez Di, head of the archaeological team from Spain, explained that in addition to the granite base, managed to find some evidence of the popularity of the temple of Herishef of subsequent rulers. In particular, Pharaoh Thutmosis III, belonging to the eighteenth dynasty, and Ramses II, considered one of the most powerful Egyptian kings.

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