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In Ukrainian schools distribute a new drug

В украинских школах распространяют новый наркотикPopular among Ukrainian schoolchildren narcotic substance called “strawberry”.

Became aware of the fact that Ukrainian schools are distributed lollipops with the content of narcotic substances to minors has been called “strawberry”. Anyone can get candy for free in between lessons. It turned out that “strawberry” is a new synthetic drug designed specifically for children, which dealers are being distributed in Ukrainian schools.

“The first drug the child is always given for free, to try. It’s only the bait that people realized, Oh, I want. And next time – for the money. Now a lot of cases with girls 15-16 years”, – said the head of the organization Narconon Natalia Golovtsova.

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It is noted that to get the substance to students is not difficult. Each educational institutions have special labels – the web address of the actual narkomaanide. “The Internet is the price of the popular “strawberry” starts from 300 UAH per candy. In schools “regular customers” discounts,” say the experts who conducted the investigation.

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To distinguish a dependent teenager first sight almost impossible. According to psychologists, to prevent drug use can have a Frank conversation with the child. Experts believe that the first step to the synthetic “buzz” after doing the big family quarrels, and therefore equal relations in the family is the best safeguard against hasty steps of the child.

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