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In Ukrainian cities will remove the equivalent of “eagle and Tails”

В украинских городах будут снимать аналог "Орла и Решки" The pilot episode will shoot in Zhitomir.

In Zhytomyr filmed a completely new television project “Home is best” – an analog of the well-known “heads and Tails”, only appears in Ukraine. Leading the project – Evgeny Sinelnikov.

The crew recently arrived in Zhitomir, and the guys plan to stay here for a few more days. At the request of the producers and authors of the project, we do not disclose the secret, what the main features of the new TV show, but unveil the veil of secrecy.

“Remove the program called “better at Home”. We impact the world, and now try to convince everyone that we have something to be proud of, there is something to see, there are lots of interesting things that for some reason we don’t know and somehow don’t value them. For example, now we’re back with the head Chatsky – a great place – very beautiful, very pleasant and very … crap, pardon the expression, but it’s true: bottles, all sorts of paper — It’s wrong!”, – told the leading.

“The show starts on 14 November on the official youtube channel of “heads and Tails”, and this particular issue is devoted to Zhitomir, will be released, if I’m not mistaken, in mid-December, 2018. The earlier shooting took place in Zaporozhye – the industrial capital of Ukraine, and now continues in Zhitomir, – said Eugene.

So, hide if in Zhytomyr traditional$ 100, and what other surprises we have prepared presenters and producers of the project – about all this we will know very soon – November 14, 2018.

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