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In Ukraine will rise again in the price of dairy products

В Украине снова вырастут цены на молочные продуктыIn February, milk production will grow by 3%.

By the end of February, we can expect a rise in prices of dairy products in Ukraine by 3%.

This opinion was expressed by Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“Today, we are seeing the “rocking” prices for dairy products. Refineries are trying every way to reduce the purchase price of milk, and due to this, to stop the rise in prices of dairy products in Ukraine, however, farmers strongly resist this initiative. But reduce prices on these goods will not be exact” – said the expert.

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According to A. Doroshenko, we should not forget that part of the cost of the final milk product includes not only the purchase price of milk, but the wages of employees of the enterprises and the cost of gas, electricity and water. Given the fact that the price of these components in Ukraine is only growing, we can predict that the price of dairy products in the country in the near future, also will increase.

“For the first 3 weeks of January milk production in Ukraine rose 3%. In principle, we can predict that the rise in price of “milk” will continue at the same pace,” he said.

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Moreover, A. Doroshenko noted that Ukrainians already more profitable to import cheese from overseas and stop domestic production if dairy products in the coming months, will not stop its growth, then the same situation will suffer and cottage cheese.
We will remind, the Ukrainian Association of retailers reports an increase in the prices of “borscheva set” in the range of 6.2-12% YTD.

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