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In Ukraine will reduce subsidies: the reason

В Украине сократятся субсидии: названа причинаFor communal have to pay almost UAH 400 more.

In Ukraine in January this year, increased the living wage from 1624 to 1700 UAH. Also increased the minimum wage — from 3200 to 3723 UAH. The result will be reduced and the size of the subsidies.

For example, we calculate the impact on the subsidy for family of three with two minimum salaries. So, at a salary of RS 3200 and a minimum subsistence level of UAH 1624 family with a subsidy to pay for communal 1261 UAH.

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Now, with the new minimum wage and living wage, family of three with two minimum salary can pay for communal already 1630,6 UAH. That is, the communal will have to pay almost UAH 400 more.

Note that sooner or later the state will have to reconsider and tighten the subsidy program. And if the “transition period” while on utility rebates can claim every second, after a few years, the subsidy program may be too expensive for Ukraine. Rates will continue to rise (estimates of the Ministry of economic development and trade, this year the communal flat will rise by 20%), and together with them — and the cost of their compensation.

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