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In Ukraine will create a special Institute to raise the image of the country

В Украине создадут специальный институт для поднятия имиджа страныThe foreign Ministry plans to create a new structure that will promote our country abroad.

At the 26th year of the independence of Ukraine, the foreign Ministry decided to take the image of the country abroad. Bike will not come up. Armed with the experience of many European countries (the Goethe Institute in Germany, the cultural centers of France, Poland, Britain. – Ed.) decided to create the Ukrainian Institute.

– The purpose of the Institute is the understanding of modern Ukraine and increase the credibility of Ukraine in the international intellectual and cultural environment. This is the identity of Ukraine: what is Ukraine for the average Dutchman, a Greek, or Brazilian, with which it is associated and, of course, the attractiveness of the us as a country – to-practice, travel, and investment. This will also facilitate integration in the context of not only art and culture but also science, education and many other spheres, – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The budget is not yet known

According to him, the Institute is planning to create in the coming months. The structure is the state and affiliated with the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Even the indicative budget of the future organization is not called. We only know that the Institute will be funded partly from the state budget, partly by grants, partly by self-financing (the Department grant the right to provide some paid services).

In what countries want to open branches of the Ukrainian Institute, is also still not resolved.

– Pre-first will open representative offices of the Institute at key points abroad – in Europe, North America and Asia, – said Klimkin.

Experts with some skepticism about the idea of the establishment of the Institute.

– The idea itself of creating such an Institute is good and relevant. But even the good idea can be killed in the Bud, if it is wrong to approach its implementation, says an expert on international Affairs Taras Chornovil. – Such institutions are effective, if they popularitybut one or two chips in the country. For example, in Estonia, the emphasis is on IT, Finland takes its environmental projects, South Korea is making a bet that their country to invest profitably. And than we can take the world?

“It is important not to sink to “sharovarschiny”

According to the expert, Ukrainian Institute can render to the country a good service if his representatives will be able to soon develop the image of the country, halfway to representatives of other States the right the history of Ukraine. That is, be able to correct historical distortions, which consciously speculate on some neighbors of Ukraine and thereby create over our country an aura of Nazism and aggression.

– It is important to revive book publishing, to translate Ukrainian books into other languages, to carry out abroad round tables, concerts, scientific conferences. But it is important not to sink to “sharovarschiny”, – said political analyst Vadim Karasev.

No less important, as this institution will cooperate policy. After all, if the Ukrainian Institute will be to stick to one line, and the deputies and officials during trips abroad will tell a completely different “truth” about Ukraine, the purpose of the establishment of the Institute is lost.


What are the challenges

Coordination and management of overseas cultural activities, exhibitions, forums, film screenings, concerts.
The creation of image presentation materials and cultural products, their translation into foreign languages.
The creation and implementation of programs to study the Ukrainian language abroad.
Financial support for cultural exchanges, travel Ukrainian cultural figures, historians, scientists abroad.
Popularization of Ukrainian institutions, projects and initiatives abroad.

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