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In Ukraine will change the rules of baggage on trains

В Украине изменят правила провоза багажа в поездахAlso will be the payment for other services

Stewards are not allowed to let a passenger train, if one violates the requirements for hand Luggage. Officials decided to amend the rules of carriage of passengers and baggage in suburban and passenger trains. Their initiatives, they explain care about the passengers – want the favourite travel. However, not all passengers such attention will like. Because much of what first got people free of charge, will now have to pay. The draft order Ininfrastructure, which makes the appropriate changes, published for discussion on the Agency’s website. Complaints and suggestions for him can be made until December 28.

What is changing
A large part of the know-how relate to the rules of carriage of baggage in the wagons of Ukrainian trains. However, they vary not only. For example, the officials intend to introduce a fee for the printout of the electronic ticket at the box office – as do many pilots require fees for printing a boarding pass. Of course, to get to the train and presenting the QR code on the smartphone (if the steward will be on hand working scanner), but to return the ticket without paper copies will not work. But the main change is the absolute limit of the mass of baggage allowance. It is reduced from 150 to 50 kg. Before the railroad was allowed to haul more cargo, subject to redemption whole compartment. Now the baggage with a combined weight over 50 lbs. in a passenger car will not take for any money. But, as before, for free on one ticket you can take a maximum of 36 kg.

Corrected officials and rules for traveling with Pets. Fine, as before, can be transported in the cells with the payment for baggage 20 kg. On the large have to wear a muzzle and redeem all compartments. Thus under the new rules for any “violations of sanitary norms” the responsibility will be borne by the owner of the animal. He will have to clean up after your pet in the car. You will have to pay and for bicycles, gyrometers, Segways and other “personal vehicles.” Passenger trains will take charge for the Luggage weighing 20 kg can, in a commuter would need to purchase for the device full-price ticket.

While chiefs of trains and guides will be empowered to deny someone boarding a train, if he violates the rules of baggage transportation. Another important innovation Luggage does not concern you at all. The Ministry of infrastructure said the allowable composition of various types of trains. After the order will come into force, in the night Express trains in addition to and second-class compartment, and also SV cars will include confining the carriages of the 1st class. But passenger trains will also help to add the cars of the 2nd and 3rd graders.

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