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In Ukraine will change the rules of admission to school

В Украине изменят правила поступления в школуChildren will not be tested.

This year in Ukraine, want to impose new rules on the admission of first-graders in school. One of the main innovations is the rejection of interviews and any testing during the recruitment process.

This was told by one of the authors of the initiative, analyst at the center CEDOS Irina Kogut.

At this point in Mont preparing a special order which will soon be available for public discussion.

At the same time, the Department of education and science of Kyiv city state administration has already approved schedule changes.

Until February 26 the district education Department should calculate the possible number of children who from September 1 will go to school, the number of first classes and teachers that they will work. And up to March 26 should be made public information listing of houses and apartments are assigned to specific schools. Further, within a month, officials and teachers will explain to the residents of the capital of new rules, and from 23 April to 31 may it will be possible to apply for admission of the child.

While all schools in the country, regardless of where they are located, will get its service territory.

“Of course, the easiest way to make the distribution of children by place of registration of parents. But here’s the problem — there are people who do not live where registered. They might offer to re-register the place of residence — in this case, even the right of ownership will not have enough for the lease. Although the Ministry can offer other options,” said Kohut.

At the same time, the ability to study on its territory will remain in the class if space is available.

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