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In Ukraine will build the first toll road

В Украине построят первую платную дорогуThe road will stretch from Kiev to the White Church.

Ukraine plans to build the first toll road. The estimate is already calculated, is now looking for investors.

Now on the international highway E-95 drivers idle for hours in traffic jams. “To expand this road and no road in fact exploited to the limit of its capacity,” says
Advisor to the Chairman of the state Agency of highways of Ukraine Oleksandr Kava.

But, he said, to build a new paid. The construction will take place at the expense of investors, says the “Ukravtodor”. But the new road will stretch only from Kiev to the White Church.

“The maximum speed there will be 130 or 140 km/h. the Average cost of a single fare is 9 Euro cents per km, that is, in the case of the road Kiev – White Church it will amount to about 4.5 euros,” – says Kava.

The construction of the new highway 50 km will cost $ 300 million,according to the Ukravtodor. The investor will be able to charge tolls for 25 years, and then the road becomes public and free.

However, the auto Vladislav Antonov suggests: as soon as a toll road, the old alternative – will not fix. “The point of doing a perfect two ways: one is paid, second is free. It simply does not pay toll road. Therefore, the meaning of the state, meaning the investor to repair the route Kiev – Odessa, when there is nearby highway, which removed money?” – says Antonov.

Almost all over Europe toll roads built long ago. France and Italy need to pay for a certain period. But in Switzerland, Czech Republic or Austria will have to buy a ticket for travel. It is quite expensive, as with North to South road costs about 85 Euro, but on the other hand it gives the possibility to drive at high speed.

The first toll of the Ukrainian road may appear only after several years. Moreover good it needs to give the Verkhovna Rada.

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