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In Ukraine want tougher penalties for “drunk driving”

В Украине хотят ужесточить наказание за "пьяную езду"For repeated violation the amount want to increase in 5 times (now 20 400 UAH, I propose to raise to 102 thousand UAH).

The deputies have filed six bills that could change the lives of drivers! Among automobile reforms of the medical certificate, the increased fines and inspection.

Note that MP Valeriy Karpuntsov confirms the presence of supporting bills among colleagues. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“If the committees will give a positive conclusion, I think, Parliament will vote,” – said the MP.

The fines for drunkenness

Plan to increase the penalty for driving while intoxicated. For the first time want to leave 10 200 grn, but for the recurrence of the amount want to increase in 5 times (now 20 400 UAH, I propose to raise to 102 thousand UAH). One of the bills also provides for preventive actions: the perpetrator will need to undergo medical monitoring and to walk to lectures about the dangers of driving while intoxicated (photos and videos). If the driver refuses to do this – there will be a penalty of 3 400 UAH.


If the bill is adopted – each driver will be required to have a medical right. In the case of its absence – a fine of 850 UAH, for forgery – 510 UAH. The certificate will be valid until 1 year for pensioners and those who transport people or dangerous goods, and 10 years for the rest. I also want to change the physical – to expand the list of doctors tests, including blood sugar, group and resis, vision and the vestibular apparatus. MP Oleg Musiy said that in private clinics, corruption is rampant, therefore, reference will only be issued by the state.

The fine for driving without a license

For driving without a license is now a fine of 510 UAH. The deputies propose to raise the amount to 17 thousand hryvnia.


In November 2019 may be reintroduced technical inspection (MOT) for non-commercial passenger vehicles. New cars can not pass THEN the first four years. All others must obtain a certificate of passing inspection every 2 years. According to experts, Oleg Nazarenko, the return is a requirement of the Association with the EU, but the Cabinet made too stringent requirements on the environment, 60% of the Ukrainian car will not pass.

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