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In Ukraine, want to create another police

В Украине хотят создать еще одну полициюNow work continues on the project of the corresponding law.

The bodies of the military law and order service in the Armed forces of Ukraine can be reformed in the military police in the current year. This was announced at a briefing acting head of the service Igor Crichton.

According to him, such reform was envisaged in the strategic defence Bulletin of Ukraine, it will provide military law enforcement real authority for operational-investigative activities and in the conduct of pre-trial investigations. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Now the work continues on the draft law; March 21, 2017, the bill sent to the Ministry of justice for legal expertise, which is currently ongoing. The bill, in particular, to regulate at the legislative level, the status, powers, tasks and functions of the military police, the authority of its personnel in the performance of official duties. We hope that the Verkhovna Rada will consider this issue in the current year”, — quotes the words of Kristone the press service of the General staff of the armed forces.

He stressed that the provision of military law enforcement military police powers will significantly increase the efficiency of their activities and competence of the investigation of cases involving offences committed by military personnel.

“Now the organs of the military police have a fairly limited powers, which provide the opportunity to engage in the prevention of crime. But there are some cases, the investigation of which requires military knowledge and competence. This is very important, given the involvement of the Armed forces to combat activities. You know that now raises the question about the necessity of renewed activity of the military courts. The military police will be part of such a renewed system”, — concluded Kristuna.

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