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In Ukraine, want to change the rules of transportation of beneficiaries

В Украине хотят изменить правила перевозки льготников New system will be introduced.

Social policy Minister explained that the beneficiaries now each month will get money for the fare.

The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing a monetization of social benefits in transport, instead of benefits in kind the Ukrainians will be provided with monetary compensation.

He noted that the current system of benefits in kind perpetuates social inequality.

“For example, if you live in Kiev you every day can use four modes of transport, and if you live in a village in Zhytomyr region, then you are at best once or twice a year will use the subway,” said Reva.

While to date the country has not set limits for concessional travel on public transport, which encourages abuse from passengers – they go without any restrictions, whereas the government has to compensate the cost of travel, the head of the Ministry of social policy.

The new system, the Minister needs to address this imbalance.”Set the standards of trips, and is the calculation of the cost of these trips. Then the person is allocated a monthly sum, and if he lives in a city where there is appropriate transport, he is paid the money for promotion – and within this amount, he uses the service. If he lives in a rural location and enjoys travel, he provides the documents when he passed, and he carried out the compensation of travel expenses for the month,” said Reva.

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