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In Ukraine, want to change the number of weekends and vacation time

В Украине хотят изменить количество выходных и продолжительность отпускаThe vacation will be extended by 4 days.

In the new version of the Labour code, which the Parliament Committee on social policy agreed on second reading, includes changes regarding the number of output and duration of holidays.

For each working month Ukrainians give two days of vacation. For the year going 24 calendar days. In the new version of the Labour code propose to add another four days, thus, the duration of annual leave will be 28 days. The minimum duration of the main part of vacation shall be not less than 14 days. As before, in case of dismissal, the employer must pay for unused vacation.

At the option of the employee instead of money, he can give leave. Then the official date of dismissal is considered after the last day of vacation. By the way, the leave of 28 days use in many European countries. For example, in the UK and Estonia. In France, the rest 30 days, and in Germany only 20.

At the same time, additional output not reconsider – there are 11 a year, on public and religious holidays. However, in Rada registered zakonoproekt Institute of naramata (Executive authority) that provides for reducing output from 11 to 9. Working days can be March 8, 9 may. Besides, now if the holiday falls on a weekend, it is transferred to Monday. Institute of naramata offers not only to reduce the number prazdnichnyh the weekends, but move to the weekend if they propadayut on a Saturday or Sunday (all accommodations weekend for Easter and Pentecost).

Normal workweek, as before, is 40 hours. Working Ukrainians have the right to two days off – Saturday and Sunday. If workers from 16 to 18 years, the working week must be at least 36 hours.

It is worth noting that in 2017, taking into account all weekends, holidays and vacations, the Ukrainians will rest 140 days is 38% of the whole year.

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