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In Ukraine there will be new construction standards

В Украине появятся новые строительные стандартыThe experts identified the main changes that will appear in connection with the integration of the rules and regulations of the EU.

The Ukrainian construction industry is on the threshold of great change. The signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, visa-free regime and the gradual integration of the Ukrainian economy in the international production chain forced to change the established rules.

In the near future the main trends in the industry will be associated with the introduction of new standards in all areas: road construction, completion of unfinished, the design and operation of buildings, etc. learned the key moments of the innovations.

The new standards and rules

The quality of construction work comes to the fore. This applies not only road construction but also construction of civil and industrial objects. As evidenced by the Kiev fires and facades of buildings, subjected to improper insulation, and scandals involving the construction of skyscrapers on the banks of the Dnieper.

“In Europe, the rules of construction law is a separate law. And we are scattered in different regulations. And if there’s something the law forbids to do it, you can always find another law under which this is possible. For example, the law on local self-government local Council might have something to resolve,” said President of the Association of engineers consultants of Ukraine (AIC) Jan Sygurova.

According to her, when the start of the proceedings and the issues go to the criminal plane, it turns out that the head of the local Council did not know that he had signed, as it is not a specialist in the construction industry. Verify the same by independent experts of the project on safety (and availability) of structures of an object difficult to implement in the current system.

Therefore, the Ministry of regional development with the spring of last year to develop the town-planning code, which, according to the Deputy Minister Lev Partskhaladze, will bring together 42 of the law governing the construction industry. This even has attracted experts from Germany. Experts hope that this document will have clearly written out rules from the design of the building prior to its commissioning and until the demolition of obsolete structures.

Along the way, and tightened existing rules. As the Vice-President of the Academy of construction of Ukraine (ASU) Victor Leszczynski, about 6 years ago was introduced a simplified form of registration of documents for construction. Customers at your own risk filed the documentation on the declarative principle.

“What then was applied to half can be called garbage and not securities for construction. Therefore, the state June 10, 2017 returned to more stringent standards to the package of documents to be submitted,” explained Leszczynski.

As a result, according to the report of analysts of the NBU for the first 6 months of 2017, the number of constructed apartments in Kiev grew by almost four times. Including the fact that many developers tried to get their items before that date to turn them in at the old, familiar rules.

The lack of adequate control over the legality of the construction and compliance with town planning rules pave the way for abuse. Construction companies trying to cut costs, saving on materials, design works, development of the adjoining territories, which leads to a decrease in the quality of housing in the budget segment.

“It is important to know what rules were used during construction. Perhaps allowed the use of certain materials (when burning fronts — Ed.) but with compensating terms. Maybe the developer failed to meet them. The building code needs to tightly control the operation of buildings. And now gas boilers put in apartments, heating block, demolition of load-bearing walls and stuff,” said Leszczynski.

At the same time, many projects that started to build without complying with the rules now stand unfinished. For them it is proposed to develop a separate law.

The project completion of unfinished
Illegal buildings, according to experts, the result of a collective guilt, not a specific official or Builder. According to Jana Sharovoi, most of these homes still need to finish. So how in the world decided to sell the already finished housing.

“United way is not. There are issues of civil and commercial law, and financial. But first and foremost is the question of ownership. When the Verkhovna Rada Committee on construction and housing and communal services working group on the issue of unfinished construction”, — said the expert.

Most often, international investors enjoy the same standards, and inconsistencies with Ukrainian norms, they are prevented. For example, the estimates of the Ukrainian project can be included the risk of inflation, but there cannot be a mediation cost of resolving possible disputes and conflicts associated with the construction of the object. As there is the court of arbitration for builders, but ordinary.

Because in Ukraine, the most major customer is the government, investing the money under the guarantee of the budget.

“The capital cost of the building is simply laid in the budget. And it is important for investors to make a profit, which can only give a high-tech facility. With whom tomorrow will not have problems and do not need to spend a lot of money for liquidation of accidents or permanent repairs,” says Jan Sygurova.

It’s all got to count until the decommissioning of the facility. And it will change the approaches to pricing construction work. Because all objects must be built from modern materials and modern appliances. To meet the new standards.

According to the President of the Academy of construction of Ukraine (ASU) Ivan Nazarenko, the whole world has focused on buildings, which almost does not consume energy from the network, using up to 10 sources of alternative energy.

“Our scientific and technical center had built a house, which has been recognized in Brussels, one of the best in Europe in terms of energy efficiency,” — said Nazarenko.

As Ukrainians selling buildings

To reduce costs and to change the philosophy of design helps BIM (Building Information Modeling). This software allows you to create a building model that contains all the information about the future of the site. On a project simultaneously can work all participants in the process. Still in the design phase of the program allows you to recognize and to quickly eliminate errors, saving time and material resources.

Cadres decide everything

However, there is a risk that implementing these new projects will be no one, if not change the wage system.

“For quality you have to pay. It must be controlled. Can Builder to 5.5 thousand UAH, plus taxes. And it’s the highest wage scale of regional development. Will continue to leave at the salary of $200. In five years there will be nobody to work on construction sites”, — assured Victor Leszczynski.

According to him, the Ukrainian rigid standards of construction and financing are mainly applied to public objects. In some cases it’s a minus for our designers, as our standards for their work can not spend more than 1-4% of the project cost. Despite the fact that their European counterparts can get up to 10% as design and construction documentation is a very difficult and time-consuming process and a serious responsibility.

“In Ukraine, risks and payment are not comparable,” — says the expert.

В Украине появятся новые строительные стандарты

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