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In Ukraine there can be a problem with illegal immigrants

В Украине может появиться проблема с нелегальными мигрантамиBorder guards record growth in the number of refugees at the border.

In a short time Ukraine could face a dramatic increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to enter the country at any cost, said the head of the state border service Peter Cigital.

According to the head of the Ukrainian border agencies, because of the policies of the European Union to strengthen measures in the fight against illegal migration, its flows can shift to other areas, including to Ukraine.

“Today, we are already seeing an increase in the number of illegal migrants on the channels of legal entry. Potential illegal migrants, with the support of the Diaspora, officially issued documents and other conditionally legitimate ways of trying to get to Ukraine, then to stay here illegally or continue to illegally cross the border into the EU,” explained Cigital.

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He added that first and foremost we are talking about immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

The head of the FMS stressed that Ukraine needs to strengthen immigration laws, as well as introduce criminal liability for illegal crossing of the state border.

In the last month the problem of illegal migrants has caused a political crisis in the European Union. Austria-Hungary and Italy strongly oppose refugees. Representatives of these two countries as well as Germany and France, gathered for an unscheduled emergency summit on migration, however, come to an agreement on refugees failed.

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Later, the government of Italy has expressed desire to refuse to accept the ships of the international missions of the European Union in the Mediterranean sea, who are engaged in rescuing migrants off the coast of Libya.

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