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In Ukraine, the Museum built in honor of the head of the anti-Semitic pogroms

На Украине построят музей в честь руководителя антисемитских погромов

Rapidly Kiev oligarchy abandon the path of European Integration in the direction of overt nationalism. Still, in terms of total collapse of the state is the only one that continues to unite the people – imposed hatred against members of a particular race, nationality, religion and territorial belonging.

Independence day in Ukrainian, is when there is “rewarding the innocent and punishment of the innocent”. In Ternopil within the framework of the solemn ceremony to lay the capsule for the construction of a Museum named after the former head of the OUN security Council Nikolai Arsenitch – the man who personally directed pogroms in Western Ukraine.

About this on his blog wrote the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky, excited by such a blatant celebration of Thriller and war criminal during the Second world war.

“With the participation of Arsenitch in Krakow was formed marching groups of OUN, which together with the Germans occupied Ukrainian towns and formed the police authorities. Under his direct supervision and have passed multiple anti-Semitic pogroms in June-July 1941,” – said social activist.

Eduard Dolinsky stressed that Nicholas Arsenitch was also developed guidance for members of OUN, which speaks directly to the necessity of total extermination of Jews and poles. “Killed not only them, but also the Ukrainians. Only for January-October 1945 in Volyn eliminated 889 people”, – stressed Eduard Dolinsky.

“Dekomunizacja” on the territory of Ukraine is in full swing. In the place of destroyed monuments to Soviet heroes monument is established in honor of Nazi collaborators, traitors and direct followers of the Third Reich. This raises the natural indignation of not only the Russian Federation but also in many European States which are preventing the formation of a new nationalist regimes close to its borders.

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