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In Ukraine sharply reduced the consumption of gasoline

В Украине резко сократилось потребление бензинаWhy Ukrainians are buying more diesel cars

The number of cars with diesel engines in Ukraine is growing.

If last year’s car with this type of power unit was 36%, this year is 38.5%. If you speak the language of figures, in the first six months of 2017, has sold more than 14 thousand new cars with diesel engines. Dynamics amounted to + 43% compared to the first half of last year.

Automotive expert Pavel Semenchenko believes that’s all about the money.

“If you compare the fuel consumption of diesel car and petrol, diesel uses less fuel. Therefore, even if equal to the cost of fuel, it is more economical. This is the first. And second, diesel vehicles are cheaper than gasoline. So popular, I think, more called a price,” — said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that in a number of countries have already announced plans soon to completely abandon cars running on petrol and diesel.

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