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In Ukraine sharply increased social products

В Украине резко подорожали социальные продуктыWith the beginning of autumn in Ukraine has risen 70% social products.

The lead in price growth in September 2017, as in previous months, holds products of animal origin.

About it reported in a press-service of “Economic discussion club”.

“Unfortunately, for the average Ukrainian the beginning of this fall was marked by another increase in prices for most socially important food products included in the list to be monitored by the state statistic Committee. In particular, in the first month of autumn, consumer prices rose by: fat – 17.0% (plus of 8.71 UAH per kilo), eggs – by 15.2% (plus UAH of 2.56. in the top ten), sausages – by 3.6% (plus of 2.54 UAH per kilogram) beef – 2.7% (plus 2,94 UAH per kilo), poultry – by 2.7% (plus of 1.43 UAH per kilo), pork – by 1.5% (plus of 1.51 UAH per kilo),” said analysts.

According to economists, among the dairy products in September, more added to the price of butter is 3.5% (plus 4,99 UAH per kilo). Milk, soft cheese and cream rose 1.6% of-2.1%.

“Despite the massive influx to the domestic market food grains of new harvest, there is the increase in consumer prices for bread and bakery products.

Since the beginning of September the price of bread of mass grades rose: of wheaten flour 1st grade – 0.2% (plus 3 kopecks per kilo) of rye-wheat bread – by 1.1% (plus 13 kopecks per pound). Beginning with 2017 pounds of bread of mass grades rose by 14% -15%, or 1,54-1,63 hryvnia,” – said the press service.

In “Economic discussion club” said they also raised the price of flour (0,5%), pasta (0.7%) and rice (1.4 percent).

“However, in September continued the seasonal decline in prices for vegetables “borsch set”: onion prices dropped by 13.4% (minus 92 kopecks per kilo), potatoes – by 11.2% (minus 68 kopecks per kilo), potatoes – by 9.1% (minus 63 kopecks per kilo), carrots – 2.0% (minus 16 kopecks per kilo), However there was a significant increase in the price of beet – 12, 9% (plus 62 kopecks per kilo)”it added.

Economists also noted that under the influence of increasing supply at the beginning of the new marketing season in September recorded a decrease in consumer prices for sunflower oil (0.1%), sugar (3.7%) and cereals buckwheat (by 6.0%).

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