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In Ukraine, sharply alcoholic beverages

В Украине резко подорожают алкогольные напиткиAccording to the expert, a bottle of vodka will rise by at least 10-12 hryvnia.

The minimum retail price for alcoholic beverages should be revised upwards since March again will increase rate of excise tax on vodka.

Also in January, 10% have risen in price alcohol. That is why legal vodka will cost less than 80 USD.

Recall that today the minimum retail price for vodka products is about 70 USD. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Since January, was raised excise duties on only those alcoholic beverages that do not have excise stamps for beer lovers. Other drinks – 1 March. They had time to buy new stamps, and the rest to use. It will be vodka, wine, liqueurs, brandies. The group, which must attach a tax stamp,” – said the expert of the alcohol market Igor Tovkach.

The price will be revised, because otherwise the situation will be as before: a legitimate manufacturer will not be interested to work honestly. Because his products will be sold below profitable prices, and that by itself, minimum retail price (which is today – ed.) she will lose the meaning of existence.
Don’t forget that 1 January is 10.8% rise in price of alcohol since March 1, she will rise to 7% “- he explained.

According to the expert, a bottle of vodka will rise by at least 10-12 hryvnia.

“This is about UAH 80, plus or minus. How they will count (the minimum retail price – ed ..) – this is the question. They have a problem to justify this minimum retail price. I would add to this is generally ascribed to some independent company, auditing that could bring, because the big players, for example, they put advertising costs, and the small players – they are implemented in small stores, and costs less, and therefore they are willing to sell cheaper,” – said the expert.

“The main conflict that led to the fact that last year, if you remember, the arbitration court cancelled while the minimum retail price 54,9 UAH 0.5 of vodka, and thus it became the cost to 39.9 UAH, – it was the lawsuit from small producers. And then on the market a while, there was chaos, and the struggle, not always honest. Who had the resources – he could these products be put even below profitable rates in order to increase market share,” said Tovkach.

If you do not revise the minimum retail price for alcohol, if not to improve, not to make the cut – we’ll be in the same situation,” he explained.

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