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In Ukraine rose sharply bow

В Украине резко подорожал лукThroughout the year, prices for Ukrainian onions has tripled.

In Ukraine for the week rose onions. If last week the wholesale price of onion was, on average, 8-10 UAH/kg (0,27-0,34 EUR/kg), on July 14, it amounted to 9-15 UAH/kg (0,3-0,51 EUR/kg).

The most expensive bow now on the grounds of the largest wholesale market in the Western region “SHUVAR” is 14-15 UAH/kg (0,47-0,51 EUR/kg) and the cheapest onions you can buy in the market “Unexpected” in the Kherson region for the price of 9 UAH 10/kg (0,3-0,34 EUR/kg).

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The market “Capital” in Kiev, the price of onion ranges from UAH 9-11/kg (0,3-0,37 EUR/kg).

It is also reported that the farms of the southern regions offer the onions at a price of 9-10 UAH/kg (0,3-0,34 EUR/kg), depending on size and quality.

It is noted that over the same period last year, the average price of onions in Ukraine was almost 3 times lower than the price in the current season and was 3-4 UAH/kg (0,1-0,13 EUR/kg).

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