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In Ukraine rose apartments

В Украине подорожали квартирыThe average apartment in the “primary” became more expensive on 5,4%.

Apartments on the secondary real estate market of Ukraine in January-June 2018 year compared to the same period in 2017 rose by 3.5%. This is evidenced by official statistics.

Most strongly increased prices for one-bedroom apartments, plus 5.6 percent. Two-bedroom apartments became more expensive by 3.6%, three – room- at 1.2%.

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Apartments in the primary market also added to the price. According gosstata, the new “odnushki” became more expensive by 7%, “kopeck piece” – by 4.9%, “treshki” – 3.2%.

The average apartment in the “primary” became more expensive on 5,4%.


In 2017, Ukraine built and put into operation a record number of units – 126 610. This amount of housing in Ukraine is not built since 1990-ies.

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The average area of apartments reduced every year. So, if in 2010 the average square footage under construction in Ukraine of the apartment was 118,9 sq. m in 2016 have already been 87,2 sq. m, and in 2017 reduced to 78.6 sq. m.

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