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In Ukraine recorded a sharp jump in gasoline prices

В Украине зафиксирован резкий скачок цен на бензин According to recent reports, diesel fuel increased in price to 27.91 UAH, a-95 gasoline rose to 26.82 UAH.

The last weekend of October was marked in Ukraine as the next step in the growth of retail prices for automobile fuel. Expensive all types of gasoline and diesel fuel. According to the daily price monitoring “Consulting group A-95”, the average cost of the most popular in Ukraine of 95-octane gasoline increased by 25 kopecks/l as rose and A-92. Monday, October 30, per liter “five” tankers required of 26.82 UAH.

Diesel fuel rose even more dramatically – over the weekend, one litre of diesel fuel has increased in price from 55 cents. Now the average price at the pump reached $ 27,91 UAH/liter.

Leaders of a rise in price of steel filling the consolidated network “Private” operating in lower price segment. So, at the gas station “avias” and “Ukrnafta” all types of gasoline rose 0.5 UAH. and diesel was increased from UAH 1. the price per liter.

UPG have added to all the prices on the stele 40 cents, WOG increased price tag on diesel fuel by 50 cents. All in all since the beginning of September, when the Ukrainian retail fuel market started a price rally, the average cost of 95 octane petrol increased by 2.24 UAH/l, Diesel rose by 2.82 UAH./L.

It is noteworthy that according to the state statistics service, in September 2017 fuel consumption in Ukraine compared to the same period last year increased by 4.3% to 701 thousand tons.

However, growth was seen exclusively at the expense of industrial consumption. While retail rates have continued to fall. Selling diesel fuel at Ukrainian gas stations fell in September by 3% to 95.4 thousand tons, gasoline – by 4% to 129 thousand tons.

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