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In Ukraine, may prohibit popular Pets

В Украине могут запретить популярных домашних животных Ukraine proposed to create a registry of animals, which will be obliged to pay even Pets.

Bill No. 9022 at the end of August was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. According to the document, and businessmen (farmers, physical persons-entrepreneurs), and ordinary Ukrainians will be obliged to make their animals into the registry. The registration must include: the breed, the household where the animal is, information about the slaughter, utilization, death, moving cows, pigs, etc.

If we are talking about cats and dogs, information about the movement must be submitted only in case four-legged crossed the border or he changed the owner.

In Parliament explained the need for such a registry in order to control the breeding of animals. Also, the bill must be taken in order to bring Ukrainian legislation into line with European.

If to enter the registry, it will be possible in the future to check all the vaccinations, etc. in addition, ordinary Ukrainians will have the opportunity to move their Pets abroad. Now “unaccounted for” cats and dogs actually are unable to travel together with its owner.

If you keep in the house such as a dog, it needs to register only once. If the owner decided to give her neighbor, will have to re-enter data in the Unified registry. Also have to inform about the death of the animal. Information about the Pets must be stored for three years after their death.

The document also says that Pets – cats and dogs. To register, for example, a budgie, do not have.

Ukrainians, according to the bill, prohibit to hold unregistered animals, including cats and dogs. Pet owners for violation of the new rules expect large fines. At the same time, the law will punish only legal entities and entrepreneurs (FLP), that is, those who earns on animals. If you do not identify the animal, a fine of up to 29.7 thousand UAH for legal entities and 14.8 thousand UAH – for physical persons-entrepreneurs. The same penalty is threatened for failure to register.

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