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In Ukraine “lit up” rare bus

В Украине "засветился" раритетный автобус In Ukraine showed a rare bus ZIL-118 Yunost

At Retro Fest in Motor Zaporozhye showed a very rare ZIL-118 Yunost. Recall that only released a little over a hundred of these buses.

This ZIL-118 was released in 1994 and is one of the last. Purchased it the government of the Crimea to the state dacha “Zarya”, which was subsequently used by President Leonid Kuchma.

In 2006, the bus ZIL gave Simferopol vocational building Lyceum, and then it was bought by a private collector from Donetsk. Now ZIL 118 Yunost is in Zaporozhye.

Let us remind you that 18-mestey the bus was released in 1964 and he even interested in Henry Ford II, but mass production to establish and failed. ZIL-118 was used for servicing the official delegations.

The bus refers to the restyled series and different angular style design of the GAZ-14 Chaika and ZIL-117. It is equipped with seven-liter V8 ZIL-130 to 150 HP and 3-speed automatic transmission.

В Украине "засветился" раритетный автобус

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