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In Ukraine is gaining momentum a new kind of Internet fraud

В Украине набирает обороты новый вид интернет-мошенничестваScammers have found a new way to hack the Internet banking Privat24.

Scammers have found a new way to crack the password to the online banking victim via her SIM card.

In Interbank Association of EMA talked about how this scheme works and how to protect your money from fraud.

How fraudsters get access to the SIM card?

Method 1:

A crook posing as a buyer of goods and repeatedly calling the victim from different numbers. The fraudster then contacts the mobile operator on behalf of the victim and block the card. And after some time impersonating the owner of the card unlocks it and asks for a duplicate, using information about the last three conversations of the victim.
After that the attacker can log in the Internet banking of the owner of the SIM card, changing the login password (with “forgot password?”), and to transfer all the victim’s money into your account.

Method 2:

The scammer makes many calls at night when the victim, most likely, will not understand who she’s calling. Then blocks the card and follows the procedure described in the previous paragraph.

These schemes are similar and are used often enough. However, now the attacker has a new cynical move. They call the victim on behalf of the employees of security Bank and reported that the fraud is disclosed and the money will be returned to the map. To receive funds should be to “test the cards” – to make her money.

В Украине набирает обороты новый вид интернет-мошенничества

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud?
If you have a call (or asking you to call) a stranger with different numbers – this is cause for concern. It does not matter who introduced himself to the caller. As soon as he asks to contact him by the second, the third room – there is a risk of fraud!
Try to indicate in the online ad the phone number which is not linked to your banking.

If you found that a blocked SIM card with your “financial room” (the one tied to all card transactions) immediately, without delay, call the Bank and block your Bank card.

I do not believe that Bank staff may ask you to transfer money to your card. It’s not the Bank employees and fraudsters! These Bank employees will never offer you such.

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