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In Ukraine is brewing a “gas revolt” – Nye

В Украине зреет "газовый бунт" - НайемIn Ukraine sharply increased the gas at the pump.

The price hike of the liquefied gas at gas stations threatens to start in Ukraine “gas revolt”.

About this in Facebook wrote the MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Mustafa Nayem.

“If I understand everything correctly, we are waiting for the gas revolt”, – Nayem wrote.

According to him, his car is gas equipment. “I go by gas. It’s not always comfortable, but it is much cheaper than gasoline. At least it was last week – on Monday, I refueled at 11,30 UAH, on the track it was possible and cheaper. But in the middle of last week the price of LPG increased sharply – at first – to 12.90–13,30 UAH, and then to 14.30, and at the end of the week, he is already worth almost UAH 15. And that’s just filled up already 15,99 UAH!” continued the MP.

Nye said that in less than a week gas went up 40%.

“Obviously, the market is either monopolistic collusion or deficit. Or…any shame, someone stupidly decided to earn some money. At the beginning of the year in the market for the supply of liquefied natural gas with the tacit consent of the government and the presidential administration grossly interfered SBU, killing competition by extrusion of a number of traders. And Yes, I fully admit that the Russians or Belarusians blocked over night all the gas; but I do also understand that if traders had more senile this price hike did not happen”, – he added.

According to MP, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of drivers and households.

“The consumption of automotive propane-butane depends on the level of living in the country – the lower it is, the faster grows the amount of gas consumption. Drivers becomes more profitable to put gas cylinder equipment and to ride on gas. Today, every third (!) liter of fuel in the country falls on automobile propane-butane. It’s more than a third of drivers on the roads, which is already a week out of the blue forced to pay almost half as much in someone else’s pocket,” concluded Nye.

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