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In Ukraine improved consumer sentiment

В Украине улучшаются потребительские настроенияConsumer sentiment improved for the second consecutive month after a significant deterioration in October.

In December 2018, the confidence of Ukrainian consumers improved in comparison with November by 2.4 points to 62.2 on a 200-point scale. This is evidenced by the monthly survey by GfK Ukraine company.

This figure is 1.9 points higher compared to December 2017, to be confirmed in the study.

“Most of all, improved consumer sentiment of citizens with average and above average income levels. In these groups in December, significantly increased the index of expected changes in income in the future and the feasibility of large-scale purchases. At the same time intensified the pessimism in the group of citizens with income below average,” commented the analysts.

The largest positive trend was showed by the index of reasonability of large purchases rose in December-2018 3.7 points to 71.6 per indicated in the study.

The Ukrainians were also optimistic in terms of expectations of the dynamics of unemployment, the relevant index rose 3.5 points to 134. The index of expected changes in personal financial position increased by 3.2 points to the 61.8.

In addition, improved the index of inflation expectations, falling by 2.6 points to 186,6, and 2.6 points increased the index of economic expectations – to 63.6.

The index of personal provisions increased by 2.3 points to 60.3 per, with a positive trend shown by all its components. In particular, the index of expectations for economic development in the next five years increased by 2.4 points – to 71.7, while the index of expectations for economic growth in the next year or 2.1 points, to 57.2.

The index of devaluation expectations decreased by 1.2 points to 158,4.

Remained almost unchanged in the index measuring the current personal situation: it rose by 0.9 points in comparison with November to 48.9.

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