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In Ukraine I want to introduce mandatory registration of mobile phone numbers

В Украине вновь хотят ввести обязательную регистрацию номеров мобильных телефоновAnd to revive the practice of conducting a database of unique identifiers IMEI-codes

The state provides compulsory registration of all mobile subscribers in Ukraine.

The corresponding bill published on the website of the State.

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The state offers to keep customers, mobile operators have the right to conclude a contract in written or any other form. But it is going to oblige Telecom companies to collect personal data of all users, without exception.

State service of special communication in the same document proposes to revive the practice of conducting base unique IMEI-codes.

According to the explanatory note to the draft law of the State, the lack of registration of subscribers and unique identifiers of mobile devices complicates the implementation of measures for national security “in terms of cyber threats.”

“In addition, requires attention the situation with the use of a variety of target hardware (iPhones, iPads, PDAs, smartphones, mobile phones and so on) on the background of a growing range of services based on telecommunications, as the uncontrolled number of end-equipment in circulation promotes “mobile fraud” and other cyber crimes,” – said in a note.

On the idea of State, and other agencies since the adoption of the law will only have three months to adapt its regulations.

The national Commission for communications regulation yesterday at the regular meeting approved the draft law of the State, but with significant remarks.

In particular, the regulator proposes to increase the period of transition and stretch it for six months. During this time, subscribers who now receive services impersonal, will need to provide your personal data to the operators.

NCCIR for its part is preparing for the innovations. She developed the procedure of registration of subscribers without a contract in writing, i.e. subscribers. Submitted personal data will be in electronic form.

The second part of the bill (registration of IMEI-codes) of the ncric, felt very raw. And hopes that the administration will finalize it.

That the proposed bill is far from perfect, they say, and the representatives of mobile operators. “The law is poorly written. We do not agree with him!” – wrote the President of Kyivstar Petro Chernyshov.

Vodafone Ukraine is ready to support the change and are ready to implement electronic registration of subscribers, provided that you comply with the interests of our clients.

“The main risk is that of the subscribers who will fail to register, you can stay, according to the bill, without the services of communication,” said a spokesman for Vodafone Ukraine Viktoria Pavlovska.

Control system grey import mobile phones IMEI became operational in Ukraine in 2009. And in 2014, the MP from the faction Blow Yaroslav ginka has made amendments to the law, according to which Ukrchastotnadzor have lost this function. To register the IMEI became optional.

As for projects aimed at “certification” subscribers, such attempts of the State have already taken. The last one was in 2015.

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