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In Ukraine held a rally in support of Sentsov

В Украине провели акцию в поддержку СенцоваThe protesters went to the German Embassy.

About a hundred people gathered Sunday at the Independence square in Kiev to support Ukrainian film Director, a political prisoner Oleg Sentsov.

As reports Gromadske, the protesters went to the German Embassy and urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to appeal to President Vladimir Putin demanding the release of Sentsov.

“Little pressure on Europe, so you need to be constantly reminded that Russia is the aggressor and holds Ukrainian political prisoners. In the government of the Russian Federation no humanity, so it is unlikely we will be able to reach them, but if we call upon the international community, may be the result,” said one of the organizers, avtomaydanovets Andrey Bondarenko.

In addition to calls to release Sentsov, the participants are encouraged to support another Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia – Nicholas Karpuk.

Also, the organizers have announced a large share of the birthday of Oleg Sentsov July 13.

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