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In Ukraine has changed an important rule of the road

В Украине изменилось важное правило дорожного движения The norm for the compulsory driving lights.

Rules of the road regarding the daytime running lights or dipped beam completes its operation on 1 may.

Every year from October 1 until may 1, drivers moving out of town, needs to include a passing light. It was in that period in connection with the reduction of daylight and weather conditions there is a need to increase the car’s visibility for pedestrians and other road users.

For ignoring this rule, in accordance with the rules provided for a penalty of 425 hryvnias.

In accordance with paragraph 9.8 of the traffic Rules, from may 1 to turn on the lights in the daytime do not need. However, for sure – reduced visibility during fog or heavy rain and in the dark.

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