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In Ukraine grow prices for home appliances

В Украине вырастут цены на бытовую техникуThey will apply only to major appliances.

In Ukraine banned to sell products that do not meet the requirements of eco-design – technical regulations energy efficiency and environmental performance. For home appliances and factory equipment will need to obtain new certificates, so machinery will rise.

New requirements should be included in the sale of large household appliances and factory equipment, according to the material UBR.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of 3 October, the specific requirements will be spelled out for each separate group of goods. However, they affect only the large home appliances, gadgets and small electronics they will not affect, that is, these types of equipment is not expensive.

Gazenergoinvest has developed a number of supporting regulations for specific types of products. The first will adopt a package of regulations for industrial equipment (boilers, generators, etc.). Also already developed and waiting in the wings a number of similar regulations for household appliances for refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other large equipment… to Approve the plan before the end of this year,– said the coordinator of the consumer electronics Committee of the European business Association Victoria Kulikova.

So I can appreciate refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, dishwasher and other major appliances.

The publication notes that in accordance with eco-design be required to the maximum electricity consumption of TVs, to the maximum power of the engine of vacuum, the minimum energy efficiency index washing machines, norms of water consumption dishwasher.

Therefore, since the adoption of the norms on a particular product is impossible to sell a retail product that does not meet the new requirements.

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