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In Ukraine found the rare car brand ZAZ

В Украине найден редкий автомобиль марки ЗАЗAbout another unique discovery in his blog said a user with the nickname Roma-Urraco.

According to him, the car brand ZAZ acquired in 1991, the resident of Kharkov, which was considered the car as an investment, allows you to save money.

In the end, the car stood until the present day in a dry garage and almost never ridden. As it turned out, we are talking about “Tavria” in picking “Lux”, which can be distinguished according to the additional direction indicators on the wings, plastic wheel trims, other headlights with a sloping diffuser, decorative moldings on the sidewalls, and a third door with wiper, Everyman, and heated glass.

In the cabin ZAZ-110216, or “export” version of the “Tavria”, also stands out thanks to chetyrehluchevoy steering wheel, improved dashboard and a combined upholstery from fabric and leatherette. Against the background of “Zaporozhets” ZAZ-968M, which was also produced in those days, this interior seemed a real breakthrough. The movement of the ZAZ-110216 provides a 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine MeMZ-245 power 51 BHP Transmission – 5-speed “mechanics”. Acceleration hatchback from standstill to 100 km/h in 16,2 seconds, top speed – 145 km/h.

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Also under the hood “brand” is preserved branded spare wheel, “Obote” in the Soviet rubber, and the factory tag with the name of the paint in which the painted body of the vehicle. According to Roma-Urraco, the first owner of this machine – an older man who bought it to preserve their savings. For his purchase in 1991 by the first owner gave 5429 ruble. For comparison, the average salary at that time was about 500 rubles. Also, the owner of “Tavria” was very Thrifty. The boot of the Soviet small car was literally Packed with a variety of automotive artifacts from the Soviet Union.

In addition to the pump, Jack and factory tool, it was branded lockers, 2 sets of steel bars on headlights, Soviet alarm “octopus”, antistatics, seat belts for the rear seats of the company Norma, a handful of new spark plugs, fire extinguisher and other small parts.

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