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In Ukraine found the big cat

В Украине отыскали самого большого котаThey became the Maine Coon Cupcake.

The introduction of the national registry of records of the country settings, the big cat will be held in Dnipro on Saturday.

Traditionally members of the Maine Coon are the largest representatives of their species, according to

The relevant information was sounded by the head of Kazreestr of records of Ukraine Lana Vetrova. In the list of records will write cat for the category of breeding animals. Cupcake had been in the public domain, because not only cat-lovers are impressed by the size of the animal. According to experts, the length of the Cake from the crown to the tip of the tail is 1 meter 15 centimeters.

– We know the exact parameters of the red cat during the official registration procedure of the record: on this day, the Cake will be weighed and measured by the public. It is known that the event will become part of the local International exhibitions feline beauties. On the diet of the cat is legendary: according to the owner, a Cupcake every day, consume raw meat, you’ll be persistent in nature and it is regularly bring dozens of cats to produce offspring with parameters that will match its features.

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