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In Ukraine for the first time shooting a film about Simon Petlyura

В Украине впервые снимут фильм про Симона Петлюру Half of the costs of shooting the film was taken by the Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA

The film covers the last years of his life in exile, and reception of writing the diary takes viewers from Paris to Ukraine, to the events and actors of the short period of the UNR when Ukraine had received, and was unable to keep the independence.

“Dramaturgy is constructed so that this diary allows us to go back to memories, to what was happening in Ukraine, and at the same time reveals the reasons why things happened the defeat, why Petliura was forced with his army to emigrate. History is a spiral, it will be repeated. So, I would say that this movie is to some extent a warning for us today. So, God forbid, not to repeat what happened with the Ukrainian people’s Republic”, – said the Director, the General Director of the Dovzhenko film Studio Oleg Yanchuk.

“In fact, we only had information from one source, it was Soviet propaganda, which with the same Petlyura did rioters, terrorist, thug. In this film we want to prove that it was not so,” says Yanchuk. That the pavilions of the Studio Dovzhenko alive – they shoot a film, the merit of the Diaspora. Half of the budget of the film was financed by the state, and the rest was raised by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.

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