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In Ukraine fell sharply in the manufacture of steel

В Украине резко упало производство сталиUkraine is in 12th place in the world ranking.

Ukraine on the results of metallurgical enterprises in may 2017, has reduced steel production by 25.5% compared to may 2016 to 1689000 tons, occupying the twelfth place in the ranking of 67 countries – the basic world manufacturers of this production, compiled by the world Association of steel producers (Worldsteel).

In may recorded a growth of steel production in most of the top ten countries, except the Russian Federation, South Korea, Germany and Italy.

The top ten countries producing steel by the end of may as follows: China (72259000 tons, an increase of 1.8%), Japan (8951000 tons, an increase of 0.1%), India (8500000 tons, increase by 6.4%), USA (6995000 tons, an increase of 0.2%), Russia (5953000 tons, a drop of 1.5%), South Korea (5665000 tons, falling by 2.7%), Germany (3801000 tons, falling by 1.4%), Turkey (3288000 tons, increase by 9.7%), Brazil (2931000 tons, a growth of 13.2%) and Italy (2109000 tons, falling by 4.1%).

In General, in may 2017 67 countries produced 143 325 000 tons of steel, which is 2% higher than may 2016.

For the first five months of 2017, the top ten countries producing steel are as follows: China (346833000 tons, rising by 4.4%), Japan (43936000 tons, an increase of 1.5%), India (41822000 tons, growth of 7.4%), USA (33978000 tons, a rise of 2.2%), Russia (29835000 tons, an increase of 2%), South Korea (28,420 million tons, an increase of 1.6%) , Germany (18618000 tons, increase by 2.3%), Turkey (15093000 tons, the growth by 11.5%), Brazil (14074000 tons, increase by 14.2%) and Italy (10261000 tons, increase by 1, 5%).

Ukraine is in 12th place (8,910 million tons, a drop of 15.8%).

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