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In Ukraine, discovered a rare Zaporozhets

В Украине обнаружен редкий ЗапорожецIn the cabin plows only one pedal.

Kiev found ZAZ-968M in excellent condition and with mileage of only 107 km plows stayed in the garage for over 20 years, and therefore well preserved.

More specifically, in front of us – ZAZ-968МД 1992. This is the version for people with a disability are missing or injured one leg. As you know, the Cossacks at the time were distributed among the disabled and war veterans. Obviously the first owner almost did not go on the car.

In the cabin of the Cossacks, only one pedal is the clutch. Gas control special shift paddles, and have to brake by pressing on a special l-shaped lever.

ZAZ-968МД fitted with the familiar 1.2-litre V4 with the capacity of 41 HP and is able to reach 118 km/h. Acceleration to 100 km/h is 32 C.

The car is in complete original: his native filters, spark plugs, tires and battery. It is well kept, but because the body is no corrosion. Of course, it requires replacement of a number of consumables and minimal maintenance ready for operation.

В Украине обнаружен редкий Запорожец
В Украине обнаружен редкий Запорожец

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