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In Ukraine, create the armored vehicles of the new generation

В Украине создают бронетехнику нового поколенияNew infantry fighting vehicle BMP-must be replaced in the Ukrainian army obsolete BMP-1 and BMP-2.

The Kharkiv machine building design Bureau named Morozova (KMDB) is working to create the armored vehicles of the new generation, which should arrive on arms of the Ukrainian army in 2020-ies. This was reported by the press service of the Ukroboronprom state concern on Thursday, may 24.

It is noted that now the experts KMDB focused on creating BMP, new infantry fighting vehicles to replace the army obsolete BMP-1 and BMP-2.

“KMDB already developed design documentation, and prototyping the initial set of tests will be held in 2019”, – stated in the message.

To ensure high maneuverability and speed on the battlefield, vehicles Have to be equipped with a diesel engine producing 735 HP and automatic transmission. The armored vehicle will be able to overcome water obstacles swimming.

“BMP-provides reliable protection of the crew, consisting of three members and seven Marines. According to calculations, the level of protection BMP-10-12% higher BTR-4. In addition, the engine-transmission compartment is located at the front of the housing ensures a greater level of crew protection”, – said the Ukroboronprom.

BMP-will be armed with new combat module BM-8 with a 30-mm automatic cannon, automatic grenade launcher, machine gun, and guided anti-tank missile Barrier.

War machine is created on a modular principle, with the possibility of using the underlying platform for a whole family of tracked vehicles: it is planned to establish on the basis of a new BMP-commander, command staff, reconnaissance, medical evacuation and other machines.

Also KMDB is working to create a promising new generation tank. We are talking about designing a brand new car, which will take several years.

According to the press service, have already completed preliminary design, MTO, calculations of basic parameters of the engine of the tank, is the manufacture of prototypes of the transmission tank.

As noted in the state, the estimated capacity of the new tank engine that will run on different fuels and their blends with critical temperatures in different climatic conditions, is 1500 HP

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