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In Ukraine, continued high fuel prices

В Украине продолжился рост цен на топливоUkrainian gas stations continued to raise prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel (diesel fuel) filling stations in Ukraine continued to rise. On September 12-13, the cost of these fuels has increased by 0,1 – 1,0 UAH/liter.

This was reported by the consulting company UPECO, based on the data of daily price monitoring of the petroleum market.

So, at the gas station Parallel fuel line rose by 16 kopecks./l: A-92 – 25,35 UAH/liter, A-95 – 26,35 UAH/liter, A-95 Premium of 27.15 UAH/l, DT – of 23.85 UAH/liter.

Also, at stations AMIC Kiev fuel prices rose by 30 kopecks./l: A-92 – 25,29 UAH/liter, A-95 – 26,29 UAH/liter, A-95 Premium – 27,29 UAH/l, DT – 23,29 UAH/liter.

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In the Poltava region, operators Hope avtotrans and Canetti-AZS-Ukraine increased cost of gasoline and diesel fuel by 6 to 20 kopecks./l.

In the Odessa network operator Katral South line of the fuel rose by 10 kopecks/liter, and in Kharkiv online subsidiary petrol and diesel fuel rose by 20 kopecks./l. In Kirovohrad network operator RUHR Groups all the fuel went up by 50 kopecks/liter.

Also, the operator Sun Oil raised the cost of diesel fuel for UAH 1/liter.

By higher average prices of gasoline and diesel fuel at Ukrainian filling stations increased to the following levels: A-92 – of 23.87 UAH/liter, A-95 – 24,68 UAH/liter, A-95 Premium – 25,90 UAH/l, diesel fuel – 21,96 UAH/liter, diesel fuel Premium – 23,75 UAH/liter.

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We will remind, on Friday, 8 September, retail prices for diesel fuel and gasoline in the networks of Ukrainian filling stations increased by 6-90 kopecks./l.

Also from 8 to 10 September the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel at filling stations increased by 10-50 kopecks./l.

On September 11-12 the cost of fuel has again increased by 20 to 80 kopecks./l.

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