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In Ukraine changed the rules of money transfers

В Украине изменили правила денежных переводовThe national Bank introduced changes to the way the interbank national currency money transfer in Ukraine.

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has updated the procedure for interbank transfers of funds in Ukraine in national currency in connection with changes of the Ukrainian legislation. The corresponding decree of the NBU N102 dated September 25, takes effect tomorrow, October 2nd.

The national Bank abolished the obligation to use stamps on the documents submitted to the Bank for opening and maintenance of correspondent accounts, including the NBU.

The resolution also defines the procedure in case of receiving the message of the correspondent Bank and/or burdensome, about the presence of grounds for repossession of collateral, which are property rights to monetary funds on the correspondent account of the Bank.

The Bank leads the list of accounts that have not carried out the suspension of expenditure transactions of the Bank in the execution of the documents about seizure of funds of the Bank and decisions of the court to appeal the Supervisory authority.

The national Bank introduced the design of electronic permits to work in the Bank system of electronic payments of the NBU in the corresponding model of servicing of the consolidated correspondent account and the requirements of the NBU and the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals on the undisputed debt cancellation from the correspondent account of the Bank.

The regulator has also updated the procedure for backing up and restoring the functioning of its electronic payment system.

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